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[Webinar Recording] Use AI to Improve Your Personalization Approach

The overwhelming majority of consumers prefer personalized experiences when engaging with their favorite brands. Personalized experiences are not only very gratifying, but they satisfy two very important, and absolutely necessary, digital age value points:

• The consumer need for control
• Information overload prevention

Yet, as the digital age has continued to advance, a troubling trend has developed… personalization no longer appears to be personal. Contrary to what appears to be popular opinion, “Hello, <Insert Name>, we have a special offer!” is not personalization.

Then, what they need is a systematic, comprehensive and scalable hyper-personalization approach. In this not-to-be missed webinar, Anil Kaul, Co-Founder & CEO and Rajat Narang, Associate Director at Absolutdata, present a contrarian view on how AI impacts personalized marketing, they also set the foundation for moving to an Artificial Intelligence based hyper-personalized marketing approach, including a real world example of a hospitality leader that saw a 12% incremental revenue through hyper personalization.

During this webinar, you will learn:

• How to develop and launch a data-driven personalization strategy
• How to identify future customer behavior to create targeted customer experiences
• Why it’s critical to know your ideal 360 degree customer profile

View the webinar to learn how Hyper Personalization powered by Artificial Intelligence can power your customer experience marketing strategy and make the life of marketers simpler.

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