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NAVIK SalesAI applies artificial intelligence to provide predictive data on buyers, identifying the most promising prospects and aligning purchaser needs with products, offers and messaging.

What NAVIK SalesAI can do for you:

  • PROACTIVELY IDENTIFY & PRIORITIZE NEW OPPORTUNITIES: Identify opportunities that are not on the radar and prioritize opportunities to act on for each specific week. Get guidance on why an opportunity makes sense and needs to be part of the weekly game plan.
  • PROVIDE THE MOST EFFECTIVE PATH TO CLOSURE: The action steps that need to be taken from identification to closure are determined for every opportunity. The next best actions to be taken for each individual contact are identified.
  • DELIVER DETAILED GUIDANCE FOR EACH CONTACT:  Stay ahead of the competition with personalized information about what products to focus on, which channel to use, key messages to convey and key content to share.
  • OPTIMIZE THE SALES CONVERSATION: AI provides information on how the conversation with the prospect can been made effective. AI based conversation analytics provide information such as the right talk-to-listen ratio, when and how often to discuss product features and price, what type of language to use to help reduce risk etc.
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