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[Webinar Video] Four Pillars of AI based Predictive Selling

Predictive Analytics is changing the traditional model of selling. The old world where gut instinct of each sales rep defined quarterly sales numbers is a thing of the past.

The proliferation of data, advanced technology and artificial intelligence can empower you and your sales team with data driven recommendations. For example a rep could get a weekly list of only priority contacts, what specific products to discuss, and the likely reasons motivating those contacts to buy.

In this webinar, Titir Pal, Vice President at Absolutdata, and Rajat Narang, Associate Director at Absolutdata set the foundation for moving to a Predictive Selling approach including real world examples from recent NAVIK SalesAI installations.

View the webinar video to learn how predictive analytics is making the life of sales reps simpler while skyrocketing margins.


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