AI is changing the economics of Trade Promotion

Download: How AI is Improving Trade Promotion Optimization

Artificial Intelligence is being applied to make real-time goal-based Trade Promotion calendars at the individual retailer level. CPG companies that are adopting AI in their Trade Promotion programs are seeing impressive results. 

In this 5-minute read, you'll gain perspective on:

  • Shortcomings of today’s Trade Promotion Optimization solutions
  • How AI is used to create intelligent promo calendars in minutes
  • Examples of specific recommendations and expected ROI


See the results CPG companies are gaining using AI:

4–7 Increase in Trade Promotion Sales-2.1 (1)To make trade spend more profitable in increasingly competitive retail channels, Trade Promotion professionals are using a new category of AI-powered solutions to optimize trade spend. Trade Promotion Intelligence solutions have a friendly interface for setting complex business goals to get highly customized promo calendars. Choose business priorities like maximize revenue, profit, share…, then set business constraints like discount ranges, budget levels, product groups, frequency… New promo calendars are generated show expected results if implemented

These are great learnings to share with key stakeholders in your organization to continue your conversations about using technology to gain an edge. Download the brief to learn more. 

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