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The Age of AI in Market Research: Making Fast, Intelligent and Impactful Decisions

For years, market research has been the “crystal ball” that lets marketers look into the future and plan their next move.  It’s allowed them to meet changing customer demands, create effective growth strategies, and stay ahead of the competition.

As technology reaches unprecedented heights of sophistication and speed, today’s marketers will witness a new age of AI-based smart research – where human researchers work together with Artificial Intelligence to impact organizations in a previously unattainable way.

This Market Research AI webinar will be presented by Jitender Bhatia, Director of Data Management Services, and Ina Nanda, Associate Director of Market Research. It will demonstrate how machine learning (ML) and AI can be integrated with your current research setup and how these technologies can help you make quicker, smarter, and more impactful decisions.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

• The present and future of ML- and AI-enabled market research
• The benefits of integrating ML and AI into your current setup
• How market research automation leads to real-time decision making
• How AI-based concept testing helped a leading CPG company

This is an event that anyone interested in the future of market research shouldn’t miss. Please join us on Tuesday, July 25 2017, 1pm ET, 10am PT

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